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Walk Behind Floor Scrubbing Machine 220V

Walk Behind Floor Scrubbing Machine 220V

Operation Instruction

Description of control components.

  1. Brush Handle: Hold the leaver to turn on the brush, release the leaver to turn off the brush.
  2. Operation Panel: Press the buttons to display the state of the machine.
  3. Rectifier: AC/DC power transition.
  4. Machine water-proof socket: connect the extended power cord to the machine.
  5. Overload protector: The overload protected is designed to protect the motors for the brush and the vacuum.
  6. Pin: To adjust the height of control board, pull the pin while pulling the handle to adjust the height.

Control Panel

  • Sprinkling Switch
    The sprinkling switch is the switch on the left. Press the switch to start the solenoid valve. About 1s later, the sprinkling motor will begin to work. To stop the motor, press the switch again.
  • ON/OFF Switch
    After the power is connected, press the middle switch for the machine to start. When the the switch is pressed again, the machine will stop again.
  • Suction Switch
    Press the right switch for the vacuum motor to start. To switch the motor off, press the switch again.

Assembling Parts

  • Squeegee Assembling
    Unfasten the nuts on the squeegee. Slide the bolts into the squeegee lifting plate's slots and fasten them. Lastly connect the suction hose with the suction hose inlet on the squeegee.
  • Connecting Power Cord
    Unbuckle the fixed buckles on the scrubber and lift the dirty water tank. Remove the extended power cord and connect the scrubber's waterproof socket with the cord.
  • Brush assembling
    • Do not press the function buttons when your hands are in contact with the brush to avoid injuries.
    • Ensure the scrubbing pad is placed in the center of the pad drive, and that the pad drive is screwed in tightly. Follow the next steps:
  1. Step on the pedal and move it rightward into the restraint slot and lift up the brush.
  2. Step on the pedal and move it leftwards to release it and lower the brush.
  3. Switch the machine on, hold the brush handle to assemble the brush.
    1. Tool box adjustment
      Pull the pin backwards, pull the brush handle upward or backward to adjust the height of the control board. The toolbox is used to store the tools.

Before starting the machine

  1. Fill the solution tank
    1. Open the lid of the clean water tank, then fill water or dilute neutral detergent into it.
    2. Observe the solution gauge to see whether the mount of solution is enough for the cleaning work. Make sure not to over-fill the tank.
    3. Make sure the temperature of the water is under 50°C


To avoid shortening the machine's lifespan, use low foam detergents and detergents with a pH level of 5-9. Add defoamer to your dirty water tank to reduce the amount of foam. Foamy dirt that overflows into the vacuum motor damages the motor. We shall not be responsible for the damage of machine due to incorrect use.

  1. Check whether the left and right brushes are well assembled. If not, assemble the brushes according to the instructions given above.
  2. Check whether the squeegee is well assembled.
  3. Connect the waterproof plug of the extension cord to the machine. Plug the machine into the wall plug.
  4. Turn the machine on by pressing the ON/OFF switch to turn on the machine. Press the function buttons on the panel to make sure that the vacuum pump and the sprinkling pump are ready.

Operation Steps

  1. Switch the machine on.
  2. Press the function button (the middle button) to start the sprinkling, vacuuming and the scrubbing functions accordingly. When vacuuming, ensure that the squeegee is lowered.
  3. After cleaning is done, switch off the machine. Unplug the machine from the wall and disconnect the extended power from the machine. This ensures that the extended power cord is kept safe and unharmed.
  4. Drain the dirty water and clean the tank after each use.

Attention: While cleaning, ensure that enough water is in the clean water tank. Water level can be checked by the gauge. When the tank is full, drain the dirty water into the drainage system by:

  1. Taking down the dirty water discharge hose.
  2. Bend the hose down.
  3. Open the cover of the hose.
  4. Open the hose cover.
  5. Lay the hose horizontally.
  6. After draining the dirty water tank, fill the clean water tank and continue cleaning.


  1. Do not place on top of the machine.
  2. Do not put hands into the spinning parts while machine is turned on.
  3. Do not block the air-discharge hose or the air ventilation area.
  4. Do not remove, change or cover the safety information sign.
  5. This machine must be operated by a trained professional.

Note before use

  • DO NOT disassemble the machine without the permission of a professional. WE do not take any responsibility for damage done to the machine due to unauthorized disassembly.
  • Contact us immediately in case of a machine failure or breakage when starting the machine after unpacking.
  • Ensure the power supply correspond with the voltage on the nameplate. WE will not take any responsibility for damage or human injury caused by wrong power supply.
  • WE will not take any responsibility for damage caused by overloading the machine.
  • DO NOT use the machine under adverse conditions such as acid/alkaline rich area, working temperature of below -10°C or above 35°C. WE will not take any responsibility for any damage or injuries happens while working under these circumstances.

Safety Precautions

  • If a problem happens when operating the machines, immediately cut the power. Inspect and solve the problems then restart the machine.
  • Avoid spilling water when cleaning the machine itself. Some electronic parts inside the control panel are sensitive to water, and spilling may damage in water ingress.
  • DO NOT inhale the exhaust gas. DO NOT use the machine near flammable liquids.
  • Only assemble brushes with the size given.
  • Make sure the machine does not move too fast on slopes or sliding doors.
  • The floor may be damaged if the machine keeps on scrubbing on the same place.
  • To prevent the machine from unauthorized operating, turn off the power and remove the keys from the switch.
  • Make sure the machine cannot move while it is unattended.

Working Conditions

  • DO NOT put any acid or strong alkali liquids in the tank, damage to the machine will be resulted. The chemicals used in the machine should be neutral with a pH level of 5-9.
  • It is advised to sweep the floor before cleaning with the machine if the floor is too dirty or has waste papers, plastic bags etc.