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Manufacturers and wholesalers of domestic and industrial cleaning products and detergents

wholesale cleaning and hygiene products for domestic and commercial use.

We are manufacturers of domestic cleaning products and detergents.

Wholesale paper products

Wholesale paper hand towels

Our extensive range of wholesale cleaning and hygiene products include:



Mops Cleaning machines Cloths and wipes Mopping equipment Brushware Window cleaning
Wet mops Rotary polishers hand pads buckets long handled scoop window cleaning tools
dry mops rotary floor polishers scrubbing pads mop buckets litter picker window squeege
hygiene mops floor polishing machine scouring sponges mop wringers metal scoop window wiper
squeege mops floor scrubbing machine wire wool wringers feather duster telescopic poles
mop heads carpet cleaning machine steel wool buckets with wringers dust buster extension poles
mop components vacuum pot scourers metal mop buckets mazzlin tool
colour coded mops wet and dry vacuum dish towels plastic mop buckets mazzlin cloth mazzlin
sweeper mops disc polisher dish cloths metal mop wringers micro fiber
floor pads wipes wet floor signs sweeper mops
replacement floor pads cloths micro fiber sweeper mops
floor polishing pads rags hygiene brooms
floor scrubbing polishing pads mutton cloth yard brooms
workshop rags hard brooms
micro fiber cloths soft brooms
colour coded cloths cheap brooms
Protective ware Hardware spun lace cloths Dispensers scrubbing brush
gloves spray bottles needle punch cloths paper roll stand grass brrom
latex gloves refuse bags chamois jumbo paper roll stand corn broom
nitrile gloves wheelie bin bags duster air freshener dispensers whiska broom
builders glove heavy duty refuse bags yellow duster automatic air freshener dispensers toilet brush
leather glove bin liners sponge air freshener refills dust pan
dust mask sanitary bin liners Floor stands dust pan and brush
face mask sanitary bin bags hands free soap dispenser
deli glove large bin bags soap dispenser
hair net big bin bags auto soap dispenser
mop cap touchless soap dispenser
hand dryer
stainless steel hand dryer
Paper products stainless steel soap dispenser
toilet tissue soap refills
paper hand towels paper towel dispensers
jumbo toilet rolls stainless steel paper towel dispenser
large toilet rolls z fold paper towel dispenser
toilet rolls sanitary bag dispenser
kitchen paper towels urinal cleaner
carlton paper towels urinal auto cleaner
serviette sanitary bin
serviettes toilet roll holder
bulk serviettes toilet roll dispenser
z fold paper hand towel pee mats
barrel roll paper hand towels urinal pads
deo blocks
wall bin
air frehener
Anti bacteria agents Car care Detergents Drain cleaners
Pine gel car shampoo all purpose cleaner Drain cleaners
orange gel wash and wax dishwash liquid liquid drain cleaner
pine detergent engine cleaner dishwash machine liquid drain cleaner granuels
domesos silicone tyre cleaner dishwash machine powder black fluid
anti bacteria cleaner truck wash rinse aid jayes fluid
anti bacteria hand soap truck wash broom auto dishwash liquid
anti bacteria soap car polish degreaser
hand cleaner with grit fat cleaner Floor care
tar remover heavy duty cleaner carpet shampoo
silicone tyre shine oven cleaner tile cleaner
aluminium cleaner window cleaner tile brite
mag cleaner wondowlene tile shine
stainless steel cleaner descaler tile stripper
leather care dog shampoo floor wax
leather cream horse shampoo liquid floor wax
leather lotion sheepskin cleaner tile stripper
car wash sponge wool cleaner polymer tile treatment
driveway cleaner upholstery cleaner
forecourt cleaner
paving cleaner Laundry
concrete cleaner intello
cement cleaner laundry liquid
mega scrub laundry powder
handy andy bleach
handy kleen thick bleach
furniture spray pre wash
mr minn stain remover
teak oil fabric softner
furniture oil fabric conditioner
furniture wax laundry gel
hand soap
bath oil
bubble bath
shower gel
cistern block
toilet rim block
toilet bowl cleaner
portable toilet cleaner
pit toilet
We are manufacturers of domestic cleaning products and detergentsWe are manufacturers of domestic cleaning products and detergents