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How to

How to use this site

  1. To register
    1. Click the create an account link at the top right of the screen
    2. Enter your name and email address
    3. Create a password
    4. Click create
  2. Now log in and update your account with contact numbers, company details (if applicable) address etc.

NB: Distributor rates will only become available to you after we have confirmed your distributor status, you will be emailed to confirm this, thereafter you will have access to distributor rates. If you are in a rush for prices call us on 012 661 1631 (office hours) and we will update your status immediately. You must have created an online account prior before we can change your status to distributor.

  1. To find products
    1. Either use the search function at top right of page or select the menu options on the far left of the page.
    2. When the products are displayed you will see various "tags" at the top of each page; these may be clicked to filter the list i.e floor cleaning products filtered out of the general list of cleaning products will display items related to floor cleaning.
    3. To get product detail click on the product.
      1. Should view show a zero price until you select a product, select from the drop down menu the option you require to view the specific price.
        1. If the detail view /drop down still shows a zero price then the product has not been made available on line (yet).
  2. To order products
    1. At product detail view click add to cart
    2. Continue adding to your cart as required
    3. To review/edit, change quantities to your order click the cart icon (picture)
    4. Once your order is complete follow the on screen instructions to complete the process.