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Cleaning Hub's Buyers Club - Terms and Conditions of Membership

Cleaning Hub Buyers Club Member Privileges & Conditions

We look forward to serving you as a Cleaning Hub Buyers Club member.
Your membership and the privileges and conditions of membership are described below. If you have any questions, please ask our member services personnel in store or talk to a membership consultant on 012 661 1631.

  • The Buyers Club is a division of the Cleaning Hub and as such any and all policy decisions are at the sole discretion of Cleaning Hub's management.
  • No member may purport to be an affiliate, member of management or in any way connected to the cleaning hub or any of its associate companies.
  • All logo's, descriptions,trade marks and the like are copyright & propitiatory to the cleaning hub and may not be used by a member without the prior,express written approval of the Cleaning Hub.


  • Membership is available to all qualifying individuals 18 years of age and over and companies .
    • Any registered company that derives its primary income from the sale of cleaning and hygiene products to end users.
    • An individual (sole trader) with at least 6 months verifiable trading history who derives their primary income from the sale of cleaning and hygiene products to end users.
  • Cleaning Hub Buyers Club reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant and membership is revocable without cause.
  • Membership is subject to any and all rules adopted by Cleaning Hub Buyers Club including our privacy policies and practices, and they may be amended from time to time without notice.
  • A members application for membership is sufficient evidence that the member has read, understood and agrees to all associated terms and conditions of membership of the Cleaning Hub's Buyers Club.
  • Members may not purchase at members rates for third parties.
  • All member merchandise purchases at member rates are expressly for resale and no other purpose.
  • The Cleaning Hub reserves the right to charge any member a retrospective sir charge equivalent to the difference between the current retail price and the members rate on any merchandise that the member does not resell. The member agrees to pay such sir charge within 7 days if receipt of invoice.


  • Membership fee is for one twelve (12)-month period from the date of enrollment of the primary cardholder or 30 consecutive days in the case of a temporary membership.
  • Your membership card is valid at any Cleaning Hub Buyers Club store and or www,
  • Current membership fees are as advertised on
  • You will be required to show your membership card and/or validate your identity when checking out at a payment register.
    Bar codes created by any loyalty card application for use on a mobile device cannot be used in the store in lieu of an actual membership card.
  • On line purchases will be subject to validation prior to acceptance by the Cleaning Hub.
  • Your membership card must have a card number and your photo to be valid. If your photo is not on your card, stop by the membership counter to have your photo added to your card.
    • If your card is ever lost or stolen, your picture prevents unauthorized use.
  • Report lost or stolen cards to any Cleaning Hub Buyers Club membership consultant immediately, or call 012 661 1631.
  • Memberships may be terminated at Cleaning Hub Buyers Club’s discretion. Cards remain the property of Cleaning Hub Buyers Club and must be returned upon request.
  • Cards are not transferable.
  • You may bring guests into Cleaning Hub stores each time you shop, though only paid up Cleaning Hub Buyers Club members may purchase items at member rates.


  • The primary member must authorize renewal or cardholder changes, including additions or deletions, and is responsible for the membership.
  • You will receive a renewal notice by e-mail each year.
    Renewal fees are due no later than the last day of the month your membership expires. You may remit your renewal fee by EFT, online via credit card at or in store by cash or credit card. 
    Members who auto bill their membership will not receive a renewal notice.
  • Membership renewal must be completed for all cardholders on the membership when the renewal is processed.
  • You will not receive new membership cards each year.
  • Annual memberships renewed before the expiration of the current membership year will be extended for 12 months from the original expiration date. Annual memberships renewed after the initial expiration date will be extended for 12 months from receipt of your cleared membership subscription.


On Merchandise: We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we source and sell, and will refund in full -less a 10% handling charge or R250 whichever is the greatest- any member purchases that you are not entirely satisfied with subject to the conditions listed below.
Any costs incurred to return goods are for the members account unless caused directly by a Cleaning Hub employee’s error or faulty goods.  

  1. The original till slip or Tax invoice must be presented to claim a refund or effect a return.
  2. Standard products returned unused, as new and in the original packaging within 10 days of the order being placed at a Cleaning Hub store or online.
  3. Products with a limited useful life expectancy may be sold with a product-specific limited warranty.
  4. Special Order and Custom product(s) manufactured or sourced to our member’s personal and unique specifications cannot be returned or refunded, except for warranty repair/replacement due to failure to meet specifications.
  5. Members are responsible for providing Cleaning Hub procurement officers with correct and complete product specifications.
  6. Only items clearly marked with a SABS Logo are SABS approved and carry a SABS certificate.


  • Each item is marked with an item number or a product Code. The price of the item, along with the description, is posted adjacent to the item.
  • Members participating in any form of tender process must ensure they apply a suitable escalation formula to protect themselves against price increases during the life time of the tender.
  • While every effort is made to push members merchandise prices as low as possible and have stock available either in store or at one of our warehouses,merchandise offered or sourced for club members is always subject to availability and price change.
  • Prices reflected on any Cleaning Hub official quote are valid for a maximum of 10 days from the date of the quote.
  • Due to the volatility in the RSA Rand advertised prices may change without notice at any time.


  • We welcome cash, EFT’s, debit/ATM cards and most Credit Cards. Checks will require picture identification and approval by a supervisor or manager.
  • Members depositing cash or cheques for payment of subscriptions and or merchandise are liable for bank fees incurred by the cleaning hub.
    • Cheque payments must be cleared by our bank prior to membership taking effect or merchandise being collected/delivered.
  • Cleaning Hub Buyers Club does not accept manufacturers’ discount coupons or other retail establishment discount coupons (other than any distributed directly by Cleaning Hub Buyers Club to its members).
  • Cheques must be written in the exact amount, issued on the member’s chequeing account, pre-printed with the member’s name, address and telephone number and presented by the member. To pay by check, the member must have a valid driver’s license or other government-issued photo identification on file with Cleaning Hub Buyers Club . Any cheques must be pre-approved by the store manager.
  • The primary member is responsible for purchases made by any additional cardholders. In the event that either the primary member or additional cardholder has a check returned by the bank, the primary member will make good the face amount of the check upon demand, plus a reasonable service charge and any other expenses incurred.
  • If any legal action is brought by or on behalf of Cleaning Hub to collect payment, the member responsible will be liable for all reasonable fees and costs of collection.


  • Members are welcome to bring their children and guests in store, however, only Cleaning Hub Buyers Club members may purchase items at member rates and these items must be for resale.
  • Parents are responsible for their children and should not leave them unattended while in store
  • Any damage or breakages in store howsoever caused are for the members account
  • Members are responsible for their guests and other family members.
  • Cleaning Hub Buyers Club reserves the right to inspect any package,container, backpack, briefcase, etc., upon entering or leaving a Cleaning Hub store.
  • To ensure that all members are correctly charged for the merchandise purchased, all receipts and merchandise will be inspected as you leave the store.
  • Cleaning Hub Buyers Club policy prohibits firearms to be brought into any Cleaning Hub store, except in the case of authorized law enforcement officers.
  • Animals are not permitted in Cleaning Hub Buyers Club stores unless admission is required by applicable law.


  • We respect your right to privacy. Our Privacy Statement outlines our policies and practices in detail. Please obtain a copy from our membership consultants, or view/read the privacy statement at

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