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Alu Brite

ALU-MAG cleaner is a water based product suitable for cleaning of aluminium surfaces.

It cleans away most carbon deposits and leaves aluminium shiny,looking as new.


Aluminium-use as is or dilute 1:2 with water.

  1. spray directly onto surfaces(use spray bottle).
  2. spray only small portions at a time.leave for 10-30 second and wipe off with a clean dry or wet cloth.
  3. Repeat if necessary.

For mag wheels - dilute 1:2 follow step 1 and 2,then use an old toothbrush to remove excess dirt and rinse off with water.

Other Uses

  • Anodised aluminium window frames, finish with Silicone dash water based to leave a protective UV screen on your frames.
  • Milk churns/trucks- After use re-clean surface with antibac then rinse at least twice before use. 
  • Any aluminium products- balustrades,office furniture & fittings