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16 Ways To Change The World Without Trying Too Hard

16 Ways To Change The World Without Trying Too Hard

You don't need bucks to be benevolent!

We're lazy. We know that. When we get free time (and free cash) we hardly want to spend it on anyone else. One of the biggest problems with the manic pace of modern life and technology is that it removes us from being present and being more careful about life. Luckily it doesn't take much for you to start effecting real change in your own atmosphere...

1. Donate blood. You could help save more than one life with a single donation. Look at for more information.

2. Check out to connect with organisations with local events that match your interests.

3. Offer your skills by becoming a mentor or tutor to someone who would benefit from your experience. 

4. Fill a new or gently used knapsack with toiletry items and give it to a homeless person, or donate directly to a local shelter.

5. Help someone get active - offer to walk with a friend or sign up for physical activity together. There are LOTS of local parkruns!

6. Give your time and undivided attention to a child. Listen to their stories, play with them, and channel your inner creative. 

7. Volunteer to help an elderly neighbour with their grocery shopping, reading, or gardening. Company is sometimes more valuable than anything. 

8. Spend time with others and really listen to their stories. 

9. Help your kids organise a food or clothing drive or other charitable event. You can even do it all virtually on

10. Offer to babysit for a single parent who might just need a break. 

11. Send an encouraging message or handwritten note card to someone going through a difficult time. Reach out. Check on people.

12. Donate cat and dog food to an animal shelter, and offer your physical time occasionally for animal walking or handling.

13. Be an online activist. Help create awareness by sharing GOOD and authentic news articles, petitions, and encouraging your friends to take an interest.

14. Be trash conscious. Try minimise your plastic waste by refusing straws, using reusable water bottles, recycling, and being minimalist.

15. Support local - go to your neighbourhood farmer's market, buy clothes from local retailers, use your best friend's uncle to repair something instead of a corporate. Networking is powerful and positive!

16. Say YES! Someone selling cupcakes for school? Buy one. Someone wants you to join a team. Sure. You don't need to over-extend yourself, but get involved. You'll meet great new people and feel all warm and fuzzy to boot.


We need to change our global economy to one of care. Care for one another. Care for our planet. And by doing this, we will inadvertently care for ourselves. 

For a list of charity organisations that can benefit from your time and support if not your money, please visit


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