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Delivery serviceGoods may be collected in store Mon -Fri 09:00 -16:30 or you may select a courier service at check out.
World wide courier quotes are offered automatically at check out.

We provide integration with third-party couriers for the client to request a quote from when placing an order. For this it is required to send and share information of the client required for the delivery, but it may occur that additional information be sent along with the request to the courier. Such information may include but is not limited to the contents of the parcels, such as descriptions, product codes or quantities.

We may provide our own delivery service, for which a quoted price may be requested in a similar manner as to that of a third-party courier when placing an order. In the case that we perform this delivery, We may prioritize deliveries according to pre-existing routes to cover a larger amount of delivery destinations in one route. We are not liable for damages incurred after goods were signed off to the receiving party. The client or recipient of the good(s), parcel(s) or consignment(s), upon signing for collection of said items, agrees that in terms of the CPA Section 19(4)(a) to have accepted the goods. During the delivery of said goods, the client may, as stated in CPA Section 19(5), examine and determine whether the goods are as described, as the client is entitled to do in CPA Section 18. At the moment that the client confirms collection of the goods, the client confirms that they have examined the goods and are satisfied with all the goods received.

Please ensure you have sufficient materials handling personnel/equipment to receive goods. Palletized loads will require a forklift to off load.

As defined in CPA Section 19(3), we may not expect the client to accept delivery of goods at an unreasonable time. We hereby state, that in the event that we perform deliveries, the delivery would take place on a weekday, between 9:00 and 16:00 at the specified location. We will, to the best of their abilities, notify when delivery is scheduled for a specific order as well as notify the client when the delivery vehicle is within a reasonably close distance to the delivery location. Deliveries should take place within a week, but may take up to two weeks depending on the location and frequency of other orders in the same vicinity of the client.

We will attempt delivery once for a delivery destination, upon which failing to deliver both times shall resort to requiring the client to collect themselves under the same terms as that of 'Collect in store (packaged)' where dimensions and weight of all packages will be available to the client to arrange their own collection. We reserve the right to attempt delivery more than two times, but this should not be taken as a given and the standard count on record is one attempt.

We may use geolocation to establish whether the delivery had taken place, utilizing longitude and latitude to verify a delivery location and to use it to confirm correct delivery of goods.