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Hands Off Our Balls, You Wallabies!

Hands Off Our Balls, You Wallabies!

Let's be honest: South Africans could not be more delighted that Bancroft was caught with his hands in his pants. We hate those Ozzie bastards, from that monstrosity of an accent to the painful 1999 run-out that we have not yet recovered from. 

But those ungracious Vegemite noshers who hail from that prison island off the coast of New Zealand have finally proven their worth, with the marvellous bit of filthy cheating they orchestrated on the weekend. Australian cricket captain Steve Smith incredibly admitted to a premeditated plan for Cameron Bancroft to illegally alter the ball's condition during day three of the Test against SA. Which means bowler Bancroft snuck a piece of sandpaper out of his pocket to rub the ball, and once he realised he had been spotted, tried to hide it in his spacious jockstrap.

Now we have to ask: what kind of a wanker, playing an international sporting event where there are never fewer than a dozen cameras craned on the crease at any time, tries to cheat?
A bloody Australian, that's who.

But the one thing that always epitomises South Africa is our sense of humour. Inappropriate, hilarious, and totally on point...

But this lad takes the cake. Check this lightie:

Young South Africa fan has the crowd 'in stitches' after asking Nathan Lyon to sign a piece of SANDPAPER in wake of ball-tampering shame at Newlands

[Source: Daily Mail]

Someone buy that boy a Steri Stumpie!

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  • Georgina Roberts
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