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13 Dads Who Rock Twitter

13 Dads Who Rock Twitter

As we get ready to celebrate all things Dad this weekend, we thought of what we loved most about our fathers... and their sense of humour definitely won out.

You need only look up "Dad jokes" to realise just how good they are at being bad, but for your viewing pleasure we have compiled our favourites.


1. Only Dad can be that optimistic


2. What did you do, Dad?

3. Don't take it personally.

4. #dadjokes 

5. Let your kids down easy.

6. Dad has the best advice.

7. They are the most involved parents.

8. To be fair, mom was probably bored too.

9. Lucky dad has a direct line to Santa too.

10. The answer is always "yes".

11. Puppies don't buy you socks and biltong though.

12. Dad knows.

13. If he doesn't scar you, is he even really your dad?

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  • Georgina Roberts
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