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One of the biggest shocks of your young adult life is having to buy your own cleaning supplies for the first time. This adulting stuff sucks - how did they trick us into it, and how do we make it stop?!

Chances are that you default to whatever it was that your family bought for the household, but even then the variety can be overwhelming and it leaves people buying products that they don’t really need.

The first trick to buying cleaning products is this: buy in bulk! You are going to be using the stuff for literally the rest of your life, so don’t worry that it’s too much. Store it in the garage, if you have to, but the savings are significant, and leave you with way more money for avocados or binge drinking, as the folks think we do.

As for the rest… we have you covered. This is your essential kit.


1. Cleaning Caddy

Keep all your cleaning supplies conveniently located in this little holder to trot round the house with. It minimises spillage, wastage, and time spent saying “Where the **** did I put the [insert item]?”


2. Microfibre Cloths

These cheap miracle rags literally suck up dirt with their multiple tiny hairs. Use them to mop up spills but also to give everything a last minute polish before that hot girl (or your mom) pop round for a visit.


3. Rubbish bags

You had forgotten these, hadn’t you? This is the laundry bag of your twenties, but it doubles up as camping insulation and a handy body disposal unit. Don’t believe us? Read this… then buy your black bags in bulk!


4. Good Cleaning Stuff

Go for an all-purpose cleaner that can take care of tiles, windows, the odd carpet woopsie, and the grimy bits in between. Sure, you can go buy five separate products, but with something like this you never need to worry about that nonsense. This isn’t a surgical theatre, it’s just a millenial’s house. Expectations are low.
Pssst: for use on windows or surfaces, dilute 1:200, put it in a spray bottle, and voila!


5. Dishes be done

Have a little washing-up station at the sink. You need some good washing-up liquid (this is ultra concentrated, so you only need a smidge) as well as a two-sided sponge and a drying up cloth.


6. Loads of Laundry

You need a good powder detergent and an even better fabric softener to keep you smelling sweet and cuddly-fresh. And we CANNOT recommend this enough: stain remover. Trust us, you are going to spill wine, and then tomato sauce, and then more wine, and then possibly fall down somewhere. This is adult life. A little bit of our trusty pre-wash will stop you looking like a homeless person, and keep you employable / dateable / respectable.
Remember: buy in bulk and just decant some powder into a tupperware, and some softener into a bottle to keep close to the washing machine.


7. S*** Happens…

So be prepared! You are never going to say “Aw, I wish we didn’t have more toilet paper.” I promise.

The best bit? If you bought ALL of this, it would cost you less than R500, DELIVERED. That means you have more time to be working hard and becoming a contributing member of society. Or binge drinking and buying avocados.

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  • Georgina Roberts
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