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5 Equine Essentials For Riders

5 Equine Essentials For Riders

The life of an equestrian is a complex one, riddled with equal amounts of delight and dirt. We understand that, and our founder was inspired to create products to make this life easier and hopefully give us a half a chance at pretending we are normal, clean members of society and maintain a social life.

We have outlined four of our favourite and most versatile products here for you to try, with handy links to buy the product! Because we know you would rather be riding your horse than grocery shopping, we have to tell you that you can buy this online, AND we will deliver it right to your door. What could be easier?!


1. Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths
are a marvel of science. They are designed to have little “micro fibres” (big surprise) to suck up and hold dirt particles. This makes them invaluable for a few things…

- Keep them in your grooming kit to give Silver a shine
- Have a couple in your show box to gloss your boots before a class
- Keep one in the car to easily dust off your dash after an afternoon in yard

2. Pre-Wash Stain Remover

We like white, don’t we? I don’t know if that is part of our masochism, or a desperate attempt to prove that we aren’t filthy, but it’s madness. After a show you have bandages, numnahs, breeches, shirts, stocks, and so much more brownness to return to white. It’s depressing… but it doesn’t have to be! Our stain remover is the bomb. It removes everything from grass to grime to the inevitable wine stains. Use it liberally on everything and come back to your kit being show ready once again.


3. Leather Conditioner

It sounds kinkier than it is, but equestrians loooove leather! Bridles, saddles, boots, headcollars, spur straps, there is an abundance of the stuff and it constantly takes a beating against the elements and our wayward steeds. Our leather conditioner preserves and renews materials to their original shine while guarding against hardening, cracking, dulling and fading of finished leather. Simply apply with a cloth or damp sponge, wipe with a clean cloth to finish. It’s cheaper than saddle soap, more nourishing, and you’ll never look back!
NOTE: cowboy not included, but if you find one, let us know.

4. Luster Pet Shampoo

It’s the start of competition season and that means lots of baths for Buttercup. But you need a product that is as gentle as it is effective, so that while she is sparkling, she’s not itching or having her coat dried up. That’s where our glorious shampoo comes in, which is mild on skin but strong on dirt to leave your pets’ coats clean and healthy.

5. Hand Cleaner Grit

Now we have to say something… only your horses should have hooves. You can usually tell an equestrian by their calloused filthy hands, and we have just the thing to put a stop to that! Our hand cleaner is an exfoliator designed to get the toughest dirt off your hands, but with lanolin added to leave them feeling soft and sweet so when you pat your pony (or your partner) they don’t flinch. Keep some in the yard bathroom, and never have claws again!


We’ve got so much more, like gloves and masks for your grooms, incredibly cleaning products for use on stables and the home alike, and even air fresheners to try hide the fact that you’ve been at the stables all day!
Pop in and have a look around, and let us know what you think of our products.

Happy horsing!

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