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I'm Dreaming Of A Jozi Christmas... Have a staycation!

I'm Dreaming Of A Jozi Christmas... Have a staycation!

It’s borderline unethical for Joburgers to complete their annual migration to the Cape this December, as it faces the worst drought and water crisis in memorable history. But why do people feel the need to leave Jozi in December?! It is literally the best time of year to be here, and we’re going to tell you why you should plan a staycation instead…


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    This. Is. The. Best. Even if everyone doesn’t sod off on holiday, they aren’t working and they aren’t doing morning school runs, which makes navigating Joburg an absolute dream in the holidays. Things are surprisingly accessible when there aren’t five thousand late people on one offramp.

  2. We are allowed to clean ourselves
    And flush the loo. Poooooor Cape Town. But seriously, who wants to go on holiday to take basin-baths and live worse than you do at home?

  3. We have a lot of awesome things to do here
    And I bet you haven’t explored the half of them! From the botanical world-class gardens, to the SAB World of Beer, to any one of the amazing festive markets from Irene to Maboneng, there are galleries, museums, hikes, zip-lining, and more.
    Go to to find 50 things to do in Jozi for under R200!

  4. You don’t need to find a housesitter
    Finding someone who isn’t on tik to water the plants, care for the pets, not steal your stuff, and put out fires is stressful. Stay home and kill your own plants, for free nogal.

  5. Thunderstorms
    Need I say more?! A quick afternoon thunder just to dampen the heat down, revive everyone from their stupor, and the sun is out and shining again for a gorgeous evening braai. December weather is the best!

  6. You won’t need another holiday
    Sure, going away is lekker, but when you come home you often feel like you need to recover from your trip. Travelling is exhausting, and living out of suitcases and sleeping on strange beds leaves you feeling depleted, not refreshed.

  7. You won’t need to eat Salticrax in January
    Holidays are expensive, but most so over the festive season when everyone is trying to take off. Not to mention you have all those Christmas prezzies to buy… Why not save your moola for a trip away in low season, where the prices are nicer and you get to beat the crowds?

Now we present to you:
The Busy Person’s Guide To Getting Lots Of Holiday This Christmas

If you take leave on Friday 22 December, Wednesday 27 December, Thursday 28 December as well as Friday 29 December, you only return to work on Tuesday 2 January 2018.
Get into the festive spirit early by making full use of a Christmas Monday and Boxing Day the following day, where by taking 4 days leave you get 12 consecutive days off! It’s a great public holiday cheat for those low on leave days, as well as for those who are busy - remember, the rest of the world is in snooze-mode, so you may as well take advantage of the silly season to rest up, and be ready for 2018!

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