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5 Easy Ways To Save Your Money Without Starving

5 Easy Ways To Save Your Money Without Starving

You don't want to be caught, broke and sad, come the holiday season at the end of the year. The truth is that it starts now. If you can save a little bit of cash each month to stash, by the time November rolls around you'll have a nest egg for the festive season to spend on Bali or Ballito, depending on how frugal you have been (or how much you like eating).

We're going to give you five simple ways to save a few hundred bucks each month, and before you know it you'll be able to book those plane tickets... and not starve.

1. Check your contracts
Those swine will never offer it, but if you phone your insurance company and threaten them lightly they'll probably give you a discount. If they don't, shop around. Just by asking my company to check my premium I shaved R200 off my insurance every month! Also check your cellphone packages and data contracts. Fibre is more and more available and works out to be much cheaper than those constant data bundles.

2. Shop around
Before spending money on more expensive items like heaters or furniture, do a simple shop around online to compare prices. Remember that online shops are often cheaper even with delivery costs, as they don't necessarily have the rental overheads of a physical store.
But also consider second-hand options on your social media groups - with people moving and up- or down-sizing they are often selling perfectly good stuff that you can pick up for a fraction of the price.
Alternatively, wait for sales.

3. Buy in bulk
No one really enters a stokvel these days, though if you actually like your neighbours or family this could be a great option. But at the very least you should consider taking advantage of bulk specials on groceries, and remember that buying a 5kg instead of a 1kg always works out cheaper because you aren't repeatedly paying for packaging!

4. Ask for a discount
Urgh, we hate this one too, until I was in a client's shop one day and someone casually asked for a discount at the till. He gave them 10% off immediately, and told me that he gives it to anyone who asks. Why don't you just drop your prices by ten percent, I asked, and he replied with a smile "Because most people don't ask for the discount."
Be that guy, especially if you are a regular customer. At the very least they'll discuss options to save you money, because everyone wants to keep clients happy and do great business.

5. Shop with us!
Cleaning supplies are an inevitability of life - you cannot avoid them. But you can save on them! With us you save money by not buying fancy packaging and fancy shop rentals, not to mention our various bulk specials. The saving on toilet paper alone instead of buying at your local grocery store works out to a saving of R83.74... 
(R113.99 for 18 rolls from the local supermarket, as opposed to our R220.23 for 48 rolls)
Enough of those savings, and Bali will be closer than you imagine!

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  • Georgina Roberts
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