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Remove Gentian Violet by following these steps:

Remove Gentian Violet by following these steps:


                1              Soak in Detergent & Vinegar Solution.

                2              Agitate occasionally.

                3              After 30 minutes,

                4              Rinse with water.

                5              Allow to dry.

                6              Apply Alcohol to stain and cover with Absorbent Material dampened with Alcohol.

                7              Let stand as long as any stain is being removed.

                8              Change pad as it picks up stain. Press pad hard onto stain each time you check it.

                9              Keep stain and pad moist with Alcohol.

                10           Flush with Alcohol.

                11           Allow to dry.

                12           Soak in Detergent & Ammonia Solution.

                13           After 30 minutes,

                14           Rinse with water.

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