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How your septic tank works and how Cleaning Hub's Enzyme Activator helps


You need healthy bugs (bacteria) to keep your septic tank functioning, here's why;

Septic tank

As the tank fills up an overflow system allows mainly fluids, solids in suspension and some of the smaller particles of waste to overflow into the second chamber. Here the anaerobic process (the bugs eating your ermmm crap) continues to digest the waste into water and gas. The intention of this design is that the overflow from here into the soak-away or French drain should only be clear fluids. This water then seeps away into the ground through this drain.

However, the anaerobic processes are seldom efficient in the 2 chambers of the septic tank and invariably this results in solids and solids in suspension flowing over into the soak-away or French drain. This waste then clogs up the bottom and sides of the drain which prevents the water flowing out. The drain therefore fills up and results in a smelly seepage above the ground. This blockage then often prevents any more waste flowing out of the septic tank and as a result the waste causes toilets to flush slowly and outside drains to overflow.

Enzyme Activator will speed up the anaerobic process in both chambers of the septic tank so that the waste is efficiently digested into water and gas. 
The results of this process will then flow into the soak-away/French drain and also clear the blockage here so that the water can seep away freely. 

Unless the septic tank or soak-away/French drain has physically collapsed there is never a need to build a new one.

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  • Matthew Smith
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