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3 Things to Spring Clean Next Rainy Day

3 Things to Spring Clean Next Rainy Day

“When life tries to rain on your parade, poke it back with your umbrella.”

Rainy days are designed to demotivate you, but there is plenty that you can and should get done inside! The psychological benefits of spring cleaning range from increased motivation and decreased stress, to feelings of accomplishment and liberation as you literally and figuratively clean out the old to give way to the new. Tackling just even one of the following activities on a rainy day will leave you feeling more rejuvenated than vegging on the sofa, so make an effort to clean house and clean up your life.

Get in Your Garage
This is the storage Narnia of the house, and it fills up fast. Things like seasonal decorations are meant to be stored there, so make sure they are stored correctly in clearly marked boxes or bags. But chances are that every time you don’t know what to do with something you throw it here, leaving a lot of junk to tackle! Begin by sorting just one section and separate items into three piles: a keep pile, trash pile, and a pile that you can sell or donate to a good cause. Organise everything that made its way to the ‘save’ pile with boxes, bags, and shelves, which you should put up to maximise your space.

Delve into the Deep Freeze
This is the last outpost of the forgotten leftover. If you want to really get rid of the dregs of your life, this is the place it’s hiding, between the fish sticks that expired last year and a Christmas cake from who knows when. Pull it all out, anything that looks vaguely dodgy must get chucked immediately (unless you are the sole beneficiary of your spouse’s will) as well as anything unmarked. Use a blow-drier, a bucket, a few towels, and a rubber spatula to loosen that old ice and chuck it. Make sure that whatever goes back into the cleaned and de-iced freezer is properly sealed and clearly marked.

Come Out The Closet
Nothing could be more liberating than shedding your metaphorical skin and ditching those old fashion disasters (shoulder pads should never come back, chuck them out for all of our sake). Pull everything out and try on items that you haven’t worn in a while, including shoes. A good rule of thumb is to donate items that you have not worn in a year, as well as those that no longer fit... we all like to imagine we’ll fit back in those jeans, but it’s unlikely! When you’re done, put everything you’re keeping back in your closet in piles according to item or colour, but place pieces that you don’t wear often, like black tie dress, towards the back.

Tackle one just project at a time - you’ll feel so good after getting rid of the rubbish in your life that you’ll be looking forward to the next rainy day! We recommend putting some killer tunes on, and getting it done as early on in the day as possible so that you can reward yourself with that vino when you are done.

Need supplies? Why not stock up on our rubber gloves and bin bags before you get started!

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