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Rotary Floor Polish & Scrub Machine Instructions

The machine in itself is very popular. It is used for scrubbing carpets, cleaning and buffing floors, etc.

One application is for wooden floors, using this machine in conjunction with sanding-paper pads to sand the upper layer of a wooden surface. CLEANING HUB Cleaning Equipment sells these pads as well.

CLEANING HUB Cleaning Equipment stocks parts and spares for this product and have the facilities to repair.

This product comes with a 6 month carry in warranty, limited to the repair of the product and not the replacement thereof. Usage of the machine will also be taken into account.

Important Notice

Please read the following carefully. CLEANING HUB takes no responsibility to any damage due to machine not operated according to this manual.
CLEANING HUB takes no responsibility to any damage due to modifications, disassemble or due to other uses not prescribed in this manual.
This manual provides important instructions on product operation.
CLEANING HUB reserves the right to update and revise it.
If there are some deference, the actual product shall prevail.

Operation Procedure

  1. Mount on brush and pad:hold the operation wand upright and tilt burnisher to load the proper brush or cleaning pad counter-clockwise unto the motor clip.
  2. Mount water tank on the wand:place the burnisher on the ground horizontally and keep wand vertical. Loose upper and lower clips of water tank and put the tank onto the wand, adjust the position of the tank on the wand. Tighten the water tank (screws have to be tightened, otherwise during operation, fallen tank might break the cable or lead to unstable tank.) then connect one end of the plastic pipe to outlet of the tank, and the other end to inlet of the machine base.
  3. Adjustment of operation wand:put the burnisher on the normal floor, pull up the handle adjustment lever, adjust the wand to a proper working position to ensure correct posture and arm slightly bending when operating. Then loose the handle adjustment lever, and wave the wand to check if the operation wand is locked correctly by adjusting gear.
  4. Load water (cleanser):Load water or cleanser into water tank according to cleaning demand.
  5. Wire connection:Connect base wire to the power coupler of wand, loose wire of wand, check to ensure the voltage identical with the rating voltage, then connect the power cable into the socket.
  6. Power operation:power is controlled by left and right switch lever. For the sake of safety, the startup switch lever work jointly with the safety interlock lever, push the safety interlock lever from the middle to the bottom while pressing the switch lever. Loose the safety interlock lever after burnisher startup.
  7. Direction control:After the burnisher startup,pull up or press down the wand slightly ,the burnisher will move to right or left automatically. Press down the wand will increase the hind pressure of the drive plate ,thus make burnisher move to left. Pull up wand will increase the fore pressure of the drive plate,thus make burnisher move right.
  8. Water flow control:
  9. Job completion:

Safety Rules and Attentions

  1. Before operation, please read this manual carefully in order to ensure operating this machine correctly. If any questions please contact CLEANING HUB for further information.
  2. Please check to ensure the power voltage identical with the rated voltage marked on the nameplate before the connecting the power cable. Pull out the power plug while not in use and wire the power cable properly.
  3. Check to ensure the power cable undamaged before using. If the power cable was damaged or the instrument fault, let a professional change or repair, to prevent unfavourable result. Never use the spare parts from other companies, otherwise CLEANING HUB will not take responsibility.
  4. Do not use the machine outdoors while raining in order to avoid short circuit and the electric shock accident. And keep it in dry place while not in use.
  5. Make sure power plug is clear from any heavy body upon it. Plug out power before any maintenance and cleaning.
  6. Before cleaning carpet, please moisten carpet with water of cleaning to lessen cleaning resistance for the machine.
  7. This appliance does not intend to be operated by weak, dull or psychotic individuals unless they are under correct directions or assistance from ones with responsibility for their safety.
  8. Children should be supervised strictly to ensure that they always keep away from this appliance.
  9. This product is suitable for hotels, offices, and warehouses.