Om te koop: klik deur na u vereiste produk, klik daarop om die produkbesonderhede te sien. U kan nou 'n mandjie byvoeg, kyk of voortgaan met inkopies .

Belangrike nota: Vir meer inligting oor Covid-19, sien gerus of skakel die SA noodhullyn by 0800 029 999

<transcy>Kreatiewe gebruike van ons produkte</transcy>

<transcy>Kreatiewe gebruike van ons produkte</transcy>

Ons is daagliks verbaas oor die idees wat ons klante het vir alternatiewe / kreatiewe gebruike van ons produkte ... veel verder as wat ons apteker in gedagte gehad het toe hy dit ontwerp het !!!!!

Deel u voorstelle met ons en staan 'n kans om die maandelikse koopbewys van R250 te wen.

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  • Matthew Smith
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  • WilliamBew

    I truly appreciate this article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome. Randel

  • Matthew

    Some useful tips on keeping your kitchen sink like new

  • matthew

    Need to clean really dirty bathroom tiles? Cement away will remove even the heaviest soil leaving your tiles like new.

  • Matthew

    Mix one part white spirits 5 parts linseed oil to treat unvarnished timber window and door frames. Cheap as chips, quick to apply, protects wood from burrowing insects,feeds the wood and leaves a lovely finish.

  • lynne Smith
    lynne Smith

    Use dash protector to add a shine and a uv protective layer to your anodised or powder coated window and sliding door frames.

  • Matthew

    looking for a cheap way to clean overalls, a number of our customers use pine gel to effectively clean overalls etc…

  • Matthew

    Need to remove sticky tape from an aluminium window frame? use tar remover.

  • Matthew

    Use pre wash to clean sheepskin numnah’s,. Apply prewash liberally to the numnah (don’t be mean its as cheap as chips) . Work in with your hand with some cold water, Leave to soak overnight. Rinse out with warm water and dry. Simple!!!

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