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Habitat. Your Green Alternative

Cleaning Hubs Habitat range of eco friendly cleaning & paper products harness some of earths smallest organisms to tackle our biggest challenges. Namely protecting our bio sphere we all call home, while keeping our homes and work places clean and fresh.

The Habitat range of paper products utilise Sappi's Triple Green technology to produce paper products that are both environmentally sustainable and a pleasure to use.

Habitat products are at least as effective as traditional synthetic products, typically more effective, and in most cases cost the same or less!!!!

Now you have a choice!

Why go Green?

The primary function of cleaning is to reduce dirt, dust, bacteria and moulds from various surfaces.
Unfortunately modern societies have developed a cleanliness and ‘germ hating’ obsession which has led to the development of ever more powerful cleaning agents.
Millions of kilograms of general purpose cleaners are consumed worldwide each year. The average household and workplace now has a collection of synthetic chemicals that would only have been found in a laboratory 50 years ago. This in no small way has lead us close to the tipping point of irreversible environmental damage best expressed by the phenomenon of global warming and the sight of river systems more akin to open sewers than life bearing fresh water streams.

Benefits of Green Cleaning Solutions

Our solutions work with specially selected bacteria and natural enzymes to break down dirt and grease into organic nutrients which are then released safely back into the environment.
The key benefits are that harmful chemical compounds are not released into the atmosphere or into our water systems and also that your workers are not exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals.For properties on mains sewage you reduce the stress on the system and eliminate hazardous material being decanted into our waterways, for grey water systems and septic tanks your effluent is now positively beneficial to your local environment.

This increases our general health, safety and productivity while reducing staff absenteeism and maintenance costs. Also, and uniquely, the more regularly our Habitat products are used, the more effective they become!

Cost Effectiveness.

Enzymes are not costly; however, care should be taken to correctly use these products. You need to identify specific areas that are present or potential problem areas. You can then work the enzymes into your present program at proper frequencies to ensure desired results. 

Using enzymes in a haphazard manner with no scheduled routine will not only waste product, but also more importantly will waste valuable labour.
Enzymes are economical and safe to use within a wide work-use area.
They can be injected directly into mattresses to reduce urine smells or poured into kitchen or restroom drains to unclog grease or hair deposits. 

What Habitat bio Cleaners can be used for 

Some good candidates for bacteria / enzymes digesters are health care facilities, schools, industrial plants, health clubs, correctional facilities, offices, restaurants, and food service operations.
The list can be expanded to include any and all areas that have stains and odours from protein or organic matter.
Work use areas for enzymes are expanding, and new applications open up daily in the sanitary maintenance field.
Enzymatic cleaners are new technology that allows for many uses by cleaning professionals.

Our range of products include green cleaning solutions suitable for floors, carpets, surfaces, special purposes, laundry and dishwashing cleaners and detergents, septic tanks, grease traps as well as hygiene and odour control products for restrooms.

The products are ideal for homes, businesses, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, food manufacturers, cleaning contractors, sanitation and hygiene companies, facilities management companies, engineering plants, waste water treatment operations, shopping malls and restrooms.

Habitat products are used to clean and deodorize carpets, kitchens and bathrooms, eliminate grease from cracks, grout, and hard floors, and even to keep urinals smelling fresh. They remove deposits on pipes, and clear drains and keep pipe lines free-running and odour-free.

They go beyond cleaning well — the microbes continue to eliminate residual organics after the job is done and the cleaner has left. .

They do all this while being environmental benign.

The science behind Habitat Bio Cleaning products

Cleaning Hub's bacteria and enzyme supplier, based in Johannesburg South Africa, is a leader in industrial cleaning enzymes and microorganisms. They source bacteria and enzymes by aligning themselves with world leaders in the field that cultivate microorganisms like bacteria and fungi.
This is where biotechnology comes in — since the perfect microorganism is so hard to find these world class scientists combine the best traits of more than one organism. These scientists can adjust DNA sequences to make new enzymes.
Our enzymes are not only used in the cleaning industry. The company’s enzymes can be found maintaining septic tanks, industrial treatment and waste water plants.
In fact, enzymes are a wonderful example of how much we can gain by modelling our products on nature.

We hope these and other products that use nature as the formulation guide will become the core ingredients for industry going forward.