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Where to use Bio-Clean products

Drain Openers.
Follow label for correct mixing instructions, and then pour into clogged drains Always start by working on lower level floors drains first. If your workers start at the upper levels, the dislodged and dissolved protein will further plug lower level plumbing.
It is best to use drain openers at night or over a weekend to give the enzyme several hours to do its job.
Enzymes are not fast acting like acid-type drain openers and they require a few hours to work properly; however, they are much safer for workers and plumbing.

Enzymes work well for blood stain removal and they are very effective in reducing (or in most cases, eliminating) odours caused by urine, vomit and other organic-related odours.
When odours are in carpet backing, use a carpet syringe and inject 50ml of undiluted enzymes through the backing onto the sub-floor. Several injections are required to cover a large area. Each injection should cover a 0.2m2 diameter area.
Enzymes can be used on all other water-safe fabrics that contain odour or stains caused by the same organic matter that also stain carpeting.

Restrooms, bathrooms and toilets.
When mopping, mix enzymes with warm water to the correct dilution ratio and mop floors.
Do not rinse floors, but air dry, allowing the enzymes time to react with bacterial matter.
Enzymes will be absorbed into the floor mortar joints, allowing deep cleaning and odour removal.

Remember that you cannot use an enzyme digester at the same time that a disinfectant cleaner is applied. The residue of the disinfectant will kill the live organisms of the enzymes. Use one or the other—never both digester and disinfectant together.
You can also spray enzymes on and around urinals and other odour-producing fixtures.

Regular applications of enzymes will eliminate the source of the odour.
When spraying, use a stream, not a mist.
Enzymes applied as a mist can easily be inhaled into the lungs. Enzymes are living organisms and could cause medical problems if inhaled.

What Bio Clean can be used for 

Some good candidates for bacteria / enzymes digesters are health care facilities, schools, industrial plants, health clubs, correctional facilities, offices, restaurants, and food service operations.
The list can be expanded to include any and all areas that have stains and odours from protein or organic matter.
Work use areas for enzymes are expanding, and new applications open up daily in the sanitary maintenance field.
Enzymatic cleaners are new technology that allows for many uses by cleaning professionals.

Our range of products include green cleaning solutions suitable for floors, carpets, surfaces, special purposes, laundry and dishwashing cleaners and detergents, septic tanks, grease traps as well as hygiene and odour control products for restrooms.

The products are ideal for homes, businesses, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, food manufacturers, cleaning contractors, sanitation and hygiene companies, facilities management companies, engineering plants, wastewater treatment operations, shopping malls and restrooms.

One of the emerging technologies for the cleaning industry that we find very exciting is bio-enzyme technology. Also known as “biological” cleaning products, they provide clear win-win benefits for both cleaning businesses and the environment.

Bio-technology cleaning products are based on enzymes and certain types of friendly bacteria, which are found in every living organism. They are nature’s tools — they are biodegradable proteins that speed up vital biological processes. For example, enzymes in our stomach cut food into smaller pieces so it can be transformed into energy. When enzymes are finished with their work, they are absorbed back into nature’s cycle.
Enzyme-based cleaners are increasingly being used instead of synthetic chemicals throughout the cleaning industry: in food service, hospitality health care, factories, schools, jails, sporting venues and other large public facilities.
They are used to clean and deodorize carpets, kitchens and bathrooms, eliminate grease from cracks, grout, and hard floors, and even to keep urinals smelling fresh. They remove deposits on pipes, and clear drains and keep pipe lines free-running and odour-free.

They do all this while being environmental benign.