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Distributor Program

We actively supports SMME's  and larger corporates through our Distributor Program by way of reseller rates. Click here to visit our sister company the cleaning supplies company to find the best reseller rates in town.

To access reseller rates pop into our sister company The Cleaning Supplies Company.
Click here to register with The Cleaning Supplies Company.


Interested in starting to sell cleaning or hygiene products or already in business?
Whether your looking to earn some extra income or build a full on business let our distributor program help you reach your goals.

Our distributors range from individuals selling to their friends, receptionists aggregating orders for staff members, tenderpreneurs to successful specialist cleaning and hygiene companies around southern Africa.

 Our Business Opportunities
  1. Licensee
    1. Operates under the Cleaning Hub brand from a physical location (retail store or the like) within an agreed exclusive geographic area. 
  2. Distributor (Gauteng Only)
    1. Focus on sales generation and customer care. We take care of deliveries, finances etc...
  3. Agent
    1. Responsible for the complete buy cycle from customer acquisition to payment collections.


    Interested? email your company profile or personal details (if you are a sole trader) to just click on this link to bring up your email with our address already inserted.